You can become a vendor by choosing a monthly Subscription and registering. After fulling out the needed information you can begin to start with the uploadig of products  to sell.

Registering is free if your a customer who just want to Shop. Vendors who want to sign up must select  a membership package in order to complete the registration.

We have safe and secure payment method such as Suncash, Paypal and Kanoo.

Bahamas Express has Vendor Packages you can choose from that would best suit your Business. The price you pay is a monthly fee, with no hidden or recurring charges of any kind.

Xpress Membership is a membership for customers. The benefits of xpress club is that customers have unlimited free delivery in the city. They also will have discounts and will recieve coupons for selected items.

Credit card payment transaction will be taken care of by our trusted partners at Checkout. They are truly professional with a very secure and reliable system. If you meet any trouble with the payment process, please contact us via email then our supporters will instruct you on what to do.

Vendors will recieve there money through thier Bank Accounts however payments made through Paypal may take 1-5 Business days.

On the Home Page on desktop view and Side menu on mobile view click add Listing to directory from there you will be asked to select a plan. There are 2, a monthly and yearly package from  there you will full out the infomation, after that the listing will be added to your  cart you can go to checkout to purchase your listing. Once payment is recieved your add will be loaded to the directory.

Anyone can sell their products or sevice on Bahamas Express wether your a small to large Business or a Home Base Business.

You can sell anything as long as it is legal.

Bahamas Express will not be responsible for collecting vat for purchases made on our platform. Vendors that charges vat can add it to the prices of their products when they are uploaded on our platform.

Once you don’t open, use or wear the product that you purchase and you can return it in it’s original package within 3 days after purchase you can recieve your refund.

Delivery is free depending on the Seller, the Product, or the amount spent at checkout.

Xpress Club Members have unlimited free delivery for every purchase.

Yes we deliver your order to the Plane or dock and put them on the boat to transport to your destination.

If needed we can ship outside of the Bahamas, we would need to get the exact order, date and location so we can give you a total price for export.

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